Какова функция аккумулятора дизель-генератора?

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Какова функция аккумулятора дизель-генератора?

апрель 25, 2022

The battery is one of the important components of the diesel generator set, which is mainly used to start the diesel engine of the diesel generator set, monitor the mains power, excitation and so on.
Function 1: The battery is mainly used to start the diesel engine of the diesel generator. There are one or more starter motors (motors) on the side of the diesel engine that use DC 24V electricity (some small diesel generator sets will use DC 12v) to drive the starter motor to make it The generator set starts.
Function 2: It is used to monitor the mains (mains is what we call power-frequency alternating current (переменный ток). There are two kinds of AC power-frequency frequencies commonly used around the world: 50Гц (Hertz) and 60Hz (Hertz), and the civilian AC voltage distribution is 100V It ranges from 380V to 380V, domestic engine rooms generally introduce three-phase 380V) and whether the diesel engine, oil, coolant and other conditions before starting the diesel engine meet the starting requirements.
Function 3: Used for excitation (some diesel engine models charging generators need excitation after starting).

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