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The Below Oil Pan engine parts are possible for the 4BT3.9/6BT5.9/6CT8.3/6LT8.9/ISDe/ISLe/ISZ/M11/NT855/
KT19/KT38/KT50/ISF2.8/ISF3.8/ISM11/QSM11 series Cummins engine.

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Cummins Engine Oil Pan

Part No. Part Name Part No. Part Name
C3901049 Cummins 4BT Oil Pan 3227451 Cummins KT19 Oil Pan
3901227 Cummins 4BT Oil Pan 3245702 Cummins KT19 Oil Pan
3907570 Cummins 4BT Oil Pan 4913616 Cummins KT19 Oil Pan
3266185 Cummins 6BT Oil Pan 4915084 Cummins KT19 Oil Pan
3355068 Cummins 6BT Oil Pan 5412754 Cummins KT19 Oil Pan
3863104 Cummins 6BT Oil Pan 206100 Cummins KT38 Oil Pan
3900960 Cummins 6BT Oil Pan 3087563 Cummins KT38 Oil Pan
3901288 Cummins 6BT Oil Pan 3088854 Cummins KT38 Oil Pan
C3915703 Cummins 6BT Oil Pan 3178489 Cummins KT38 Oil Pan
C3914013 Cummins 6CT Oil Pan 3629002 Cummins KT38 Oil Pan
3914015 Cummins 6CT Oil Pan 3629988 Cummins KT38 Oil Pan
C3974291 Cummins 6CT Oil Pan 3640900 Cummins KT38 Oil Pan
3974292 Cummins 6CT Oil Pan 3036455 Cummins KT50 Oil Pan
3916261 Cummins 6CT Oil Pan 3161489 Cummins M11 Oil Pan
3945783 Cummins 6LT Oil Pan 3266568 Cummins M11 Oil Pan
3912227 Cummins 6LT Oil Pan 3895954 Cummins M11 Oil Pan
3944258 Cummins 6LT Oil Pan 3895957 Cummins M11 Oil Pan
3974294 Cummins 6LT Oil Pan 4004579 Cummins M11 Oil Pan
4003819 Cummins 6LT Oil Pan 4004585 Cummins M11 Oil Pan
4897878 Cummins ISBe Oil Pan 4004588 Cummins M11 Oil Pan
4898036 Cummins ISBe Oil Pan 4914257 Cummins M11 Oil Pan
4992931 Cummins QSB Oil Pan 4914258 Cummins M11 Oil Pan
C2831341 Cummins ISDe Oil Pan 4952770 Cummins M11 Oil Pan
C2831342 Cummins ISDe Oil Pan 4952775 Cummins M11 Oil Pan
2831343 Cummins ISDe Oil Pan 4952785 Cummins M11 Oil Pan
4897997 Cummins ISDe Oil Pan 5262692 Cummins ISF2.8 Oil Pan
C3930282 Cummins ISLe Oil Pan 5262693 Cummins ISF2.8 Oil Pan
5313780 Cummins ISLe Oil Pan 5262694 Cummins ISF2.8 Oil Pan
C4975061 Cummins ISZ Oil Pan 5262695 Cummins ISF2.8 Oil Pan
C4975062 Cummins ISZ Oil Pan 5268015 Cummins ISF2.8 Oil Pan
C4983056 Cummins Oil Pan 5302120 Cummins ISF2.8 Oil Pan
3077448 Cummins Oil Pan 5302122 Cummins ISF2.8 Oil Pan
3655194 Cummins NT855 Oil Pan 5302123 Cummins ISF2.8 Oil Pan
3655196 Cummins NT855 Oil Pan 5302129 Cummins ISF2.8 Oil Pan
3655417 Cummins NT855 Oil Pan 5257821 Cummins ISF3.8 Oil Pan
3008538 Cummins KT19 Oil Pan 5257822 Cummins ISF3.8 Oil Pan
3009643 Cummins KT19 Oil Pan 5257823 Cummins ISF3.8 Oil Pan
3024391 Cummins KT19 Oil Pan 5257824 Cummins ISF3.8 Oil Pan
3032521 Cummins KT19 Oil Pan 5266884 Cummins ISF3.8 Oil Pan
3046856 Cummins KT19 Oil Pan 5266886 Cummins ISF3.8 Oil Pan
3166244 Cummins KT19 Oil Pan 5302027 Cummins ISF3.8 Oil Pan
3200709 Cummins KT19 Oil Pan 5302028 Cummins ISF3.8 Oil Pan
3202152 Cummins KT19 Oil Pan 5302029 Cummins ISF3.8 Oil Pan

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