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Cummins marine beside instrument box KCM-II 4914113

Control System

Model Parts NO Not
KCM-II 4913983 Matching NTA-855M KTA-19M
KCM-II 4914113 MatchingKTA-38M、KTA-50M
KCM-IIR 4913984 With the machine next to the instrument box selection
  • Specifications

Application and functions:General marine main engine measuring instrument control box,which was used to monitor the diesel engine operating parameters,alarm conditions and to control the start and stop of the diesel engine.

Measuring instrument configuration
Name Range Resolution Ratio Name Range Resolution Ratio
●Digital tachometer 0~3000r/min 1rmp ●Grating type water thermometer 60~120℃ 2℃/grid
●Digital hour meter 0~9999h 1h ●Grating type oil thermometer 60~150℃ 3℃/grid
●Raster type thermometer 0~700℃ 10℃/ grid ●Grating voltmeter 20~32V 0.4V/grid
●Oil pressure gauge 0~0.8Mpa
Working Voltage :24V Working temperature:0~55℃ Relative humidity:<90%

Alarm relay control board

● With emergency stop button access and output indicator interface;
● Meter box backup power input interface;
● Circuit board part number: 4914579, version number: AL07;
● High water temperature, low oil pressure shutdown alarm switch directly controls the parking and has passive contact output;
● High oil temperature switch alarm and passive contact output;
● Speeding parking alarm and passive contact output;
● Instrument battery voltage is low or high fault alarm, and passive contact output;
● Meter high water temperature, low oil pressure pre-alarm output;
● Three user-defined standby switch alarm output channels;
● Remote meter box control access terminal;
● “Operation” status indicator and passive contact output;
● There is a computer RS485 interface.

RS485 computer communication interface
Two RS485 ports are provided on the relay board of the meter box for connecting remote meter boxes and computers for remote data communication.
The use of 10-core cable to connect multiple remote meter boxes allows for remote multi-point monitoring.

Control switch settings
● Power switch ● Main/standby power selector switch ● Silence button
● Override / normal operation selector switch ● Bystand / remote control selector switch
● Start button ● left / right row temperature select on

Outline installation size and installation method
It is usually better to use lifting (illustration) and also to install the backplane
Install the instrument box on the diesel engine 304×322×190


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