Main switchboard

Main switchboard

Marine Electrical System
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1 Application
It is suitable for DC below 230V, AC below 690V, 50HZ or 60HZ to control single generator or multiple generators. The power of single generator is between 20KW and 1600KW, which can realize manual or automatic multi-unit combination. The main switchboard shows the generator current, voltage, frequency, power (power factor), unit operating status, to achieve the protection of the generator set and interlock with shore power, emergency power supply to ensure the supply of reliable power supply.
2 ratings and specifications

Rated voltage

AC below 690V


Rigid board or large box frame

Rated current

Maximum current 6300A (withstand current 300KA, peak asymmetry)

Degree of protection


Rated frequency


Access of input wire

Bottom, back or upside(optional)

3 Main performance
1. Fully functional power plant management system:
It can control single or multiple generators to the shore power at the same time.
2. Power plant management system functions are as follows:
Ø Self-starting, automatic parallelization, automatic load distribution, automatic load transfer, grading and unloading, power grid insulation monitoring, shore power and generator interlocking, automatic busbar fault handling, heavy and light load management;
Ø The power station management system has a standard RS485 and RS232 external communication interface;
Ø Genset protection and control and parameter setting;
Ø The system can also display a variety of signal of power distribution board and failure status;
3. safe, reliable and easy to maintain
Ø adopt frame structure
Ø Modular design
Ø All screens are separated by partitions;
Ø The switch can be fixed type or drawer type based on user requirements;
Ø Control element layout is reasonable, easy to maintain;
Ø Good air convection, it can effectively control the temperature inside the distribution board;
Ø anti-shake handrails;
Ø front plate lighting
The power plant management system was installed in the power distribution system to record the working status of the distribution board and fault status records, so that you can easily repair or maintenance;
The power station management system has the generator automatic start function, so that the power distribution board has a better continuity;

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