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The above Cummins connector engine parts are possible for the ISF2.8/ISF3.8/4BT3.9/6BT5.9/6CT8.3/6LT8.9/ISDe/ISLe/QSB /NT855/KT19/KT38/KT50/ISM11/QSM11 series Cummins engine.

  • Specifications

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Part Name Part No. Part Name Part No.
Cummins Connection,Adapter 3595745 Cummins CCEC Connector 3165866-20
Cummins Connection,Adapter 3927816 Cummins CCEC Connector 3165878-20
Cummins Connection,Adapter 3965712 Cummins CCEC Connector 3170930-20
Cummins Connection,Adapter 3972088 Cummins CCEC Connector 3175206-20
Cummins Connection,Adapter C3595745 Cummins CCEC Connector 3175528-20
Cummins Connection,Adapter C3943670 Cummins CCEC Connector 3175688-20
Cummins Connection,Adapter C3969822 Cummins CCEC Connector 3176713-20
Cummins Connection,Adapter EC1300 Cummins CCEC Connector 3177300-20
Cummins Connection,Adapter C3972088 Cummins CCEC Connector 3177317-20
Cummins Connection,Adapter C4944021 Cummins CCEC Connector 3177368-20
Cummins Connection,Adapter C4947373 Cummins CCEC Connector 3178838-20
Cummins Connection,Adapter C4988385 Cummins CCEC Connector 3402038-20
Cummins Connection,Adapter L355 Cummins CCEC Connector 3629438-20
Cummins Elbow, Mail Adapter 118346-20 Cummins CCEC Connector 3629505-20
Cummins Elbow, Mail Adapter 121229-20 Cummins CCEC Connector 3632942-20
Cummins Elbow, Mail Adapter 124168-20 Cummins CCEC Connector 3634693-20
Cummins Elbow, Mail Adapter 125398-20 Cummins CCEC Connector 3640685-20
Cummins Elbow, Mail Adapter 152547-20 Cummins CCEC Connector 3655393-20
Cummins Elbow, Mail Adapter 172473-20 Cummins CCEC Connector 3655394-20
Cummins Elbow, Mail Adapter 180221-20 Cummins CCEC Connector 3655968-20
Cummins Elbow, Mail Adapter 187317-20 Cummins CCEC Connector 3655969-20
Cummins Elbow, Mail Adapter 201756-20 Cummins CCEC Connector 3655970-20
Cummins Elbow, Mail Adapter 203848-20 Cummins CCEC Connector 3655973-20
Cummins Elbow, Mail Adapter 203862-20 Cummins CCEC Connector 3883302-20
Cummins Elbow, Mail Adapter 214093-20 Cummins CCEC Connector 3892255-20
Cummins Elbow, Mail Adapter 215921-20 Cummins CCEC Connector 3896807-20
Cummins Elbow, Mail Adapter 405250-20 Cummins CCEC Connector 3896809-20
Cummins connector 3007701-20 Cummins CCEC Connector 4913662-20
Cummins connector 3008755-20 Cummins CCEC Connector 4913702-20
Cummins connector 3013295-20 Cummins CCEC Connector 4913831-20
Cummins connector 3017115-20 Cummins CCEC Connector 4913832-20
Cummins connector 3019621-20 Cummins CCEC Connector 4913858-20
Cummins connector 3032872-20 Cummins CCEC Connector 4913859-20
Cummins connector 3033024-20 Cummins CCEC Connector 4913978-20
Cummins connector 3034123-20 Cummins CCEC Connector 4914125-20
Cummins connector 3034578-20 Cummins CCEC Connector S945-20
Cummins connector 3036866-20 Cummins CCEC Connector S969E-20
Cummins connector 3037657-20 Cummins CCEC Connector S988-20
Cummins connector 3044888-20 Cummins CCEC Connector S10041-20
Cummins connector 3049010-20 Cummins CONNECTION,OIL TRANSFER 4983279F
Cummins connector 3050898-20 Cummins CONNECTION,WATER TRANSFE 5270266F
Cummins connector 3051684-20 Cummins CONNECTION,WATER TRANSFE 5254518F
Cummins connector 3054260-20 Cummins CONNECTION,WATER TRANSFE 5260318F
Cummins connector 3056248-20 Cummins CONNECTION,WATER OUTLET 5263134F
Cummins connector 3059446-20 Cummins CONNECTION,WATER TRANSFE 5264341F
Cummins connector 3061832-20 Cummins CONNECTION,WATER TRANSFE 5264343F
Cummins connector 3063019-20 Cummins UNION,MALE 5283632F
Cummins connector 3063164-20 Cummins ADAPTER,FUEL PUMP 5266970F
Cummins connector 3064941-20 Cummins ADAPTER,FUEL PUMP 5267149F
Cummins connector 3067503-20 Cummins CONNECTION,WATER INLET 5270241F
Cummins connector 3067996-20 Cummins CONNECTION,AIR TRANSFER 5266971F
Cummins connector 3069112-20 Cummins CONNECTION,EXH TRANSFER 5269620F
Cummins connector 3070130-20 Cummins CONNECTION,TUR OIL DRAIN 5265251F
Cummins connector 3071061-20 Cummins CONNECTION,TUR OIL DRAIN 3287818F
Cummins connector 3080401-20 Cummins CONNECTOR,MALE 3932445F
Cummins connector 3084828-20 Cummins CONNECTOR,MALE 5269713F
Cummins connector 3085824-20 Cummins CONNECTOR,FEMALE 5283369F
Cummins connector 3086040-20 Cummins CONNECTOR,MALE 5258063F
Cummins connector 3095651-20 Cummins CONNECTION,WATER OUTLET 5266888F
Cummins CCEC Connector 3100526-20 Cummins UNION,MALE 4940183F
Cummins CCEC Connector 3100527-20 Cummins CONNECTION,OIL FILLER 5272440F
Cummins CCEC Connector 3161771-20 Cummins ADAPTER,FUEL PUMP 5254358F
Cummins CCEC Connector 3165676-20 Cummins CONNECTOR,QCK DISCONNECT 3287433F
Cummins CCEC Connector 3165691-20 Cummins CONNECTOR,QCK DISCONNECT 5265146F
Cummins CCEC Connector 3165790-20 Cummins CONNECTOR,QCK DISCONNECT 5265148F
Cummins CCEC Connector 3165792-20 Cummins CONNECTION,AIR TRANSFER 5263383F
Cummins CCEC Connector 3165834-20 Cummins CONNECTOR,QCK DISCONNECT 3974765F
Cummins CCEC Connector 3165835-20 Cummins CONNECTOR, QUICK DISCONNECT 5259923F
Cummins CCEC Connector 3165842-20 Cummins CONNECTION,AIR TRANSFER 5269549F
Cummins CCEC Connector 3165849-20 Cummins SEAL,OIL 5265262F
Cummins CCEC Connector 3165856-20 Cummins FITTING,ORIFICE 5256873F
Cummins CCEC Connector 3165864-20 Cummins CONNECTION,EXHAUST OUTLET 5269544F
Cummins CCEC Connector 3165865-20 Cummins CONNECTION,EXHAUST OUTLE 5255539F

The above Cummins connector engine parts are possible for the ISF2.8/ISF3.8/4BT3.9/6BT5.9/6CT8.3/6LT8.9/ISDe/ISLe/QSB/NT855/KT19/KT38/KT50/ISM11/QSM11 series Cummins engine.

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