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Cummins flywheel

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Cummins flywheel engine parts are possible for the ISF2.8/ISF3.8/4BT3.9/6BT5.9/6CT8.3/6LT8.9/ISDe/ISLe/QSB /NT855/KT19/KT38/KT50/ISM11/QSM11 series Cummins engine.

  • Specifications

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Part Name Part No. Part Name Part No.
Cummins Flywheel 2830137 Cummins Flywheel C4988410
Cummins Flywheel 3287124 Cummins Flywheel C4988413
Cummins Flywheel 3906800 Cummins Flywheel C4988428
Cummins Flywheel 3912694 Cummins Flywheel C4988454
Cummins Flywheel 3936822 Cummins Flywheel C4988544
Cummins Flywheel 3966586 Cummins Flywheel C4990113
Cummins Flywheel 3970296 Cummins Flywheel C4990662
Cummins Flywheel 3972705 Cummins Flywheel C4991824
Cummins Flywheel 3973497 Cummins Flywheel C4999887
Cummins Flywheel 3973513 Cummins Flywheel C5268091
Cummins Flywheel 4933355 Cummins Flywheel D06B-102-84
Cummins Flywheel Assy A3912907 Cummins Flywheel L00048
Cummins Flywheel Assy A3912909 Cummins Flywheel L00063
Cummins Flywheel Assy A3913914 Cummins Flywheel L00070
Cummins Flywheel A3960447 Cummins Flywheel L00170
Cummins Flywheel Assy A3960448 Cummins Flywheel Assy L00325
Cummins Flywheel A3960490 Cummins Flywheel Assy L00326
Cummins Flywheel Assy A3960491 Cummins Flywheel Assy L347
Cummins Flywheel Assy A3960517 Cummins Flywheel Assy L365
Cummins Flywheel Assy A3960714 Cummins Flywheel Assy Z3900021
Cummins Flywheel A3960742 Cummins Flywheel Assy Z3900022
Cummins Flywheel Assy A3960755 Cummins Flywheel Assy Z3900030
Cummins Flywheel A3960779 Cummins Flywheel Assy Z3900053
Cummins Flywheel Assy A3960780 Cummins Flywheel Assy Z3900089
Cummins Flywheel Assy A3960892 Cummins Flywheel Assy Z3900105
Cummins Flywheel C3415349 Cummins Flywheel Assy Z3900106
Cummins Flywheel Assy C3415350 Cummins Flywheel Assy Z3900110
Cummins Flywheel Assy C3415525 Cummins Flywheel Assy Z3900116
Cummins Flywheel C3415525 Cummins Flywheel Assy Z3900171
Cummins Flywheel C3415551 Cummins Flywheel Assy Z3900257
Cummins Flywheel Assy C3415553 Cummins Flywheel Assy Z3900273
Cummins Flywheel Assy C3415589 Cummins Flywheel Assy Z3900293
Cummins Flywheel C3415590 Cummins Flywheel Assy Z3900299
Cummins Flywheel Assy C3415601 Cummins Flywheel Assy Z3900306
Cummins Flywheel C3415602 Cummins Flywheel Assy Z3900319
Cummins Flywheel Assy C3415701 Cummins Flywheel Assy Z3900330
Cummins Flywheel C3415702 Cummins Flywheel Assy Z3900345
Cummins Flywheel Assy C3415734 Cummins Flywheel Assy Z3900371
Cummins DCEC Flywheel C3906807 Cummins Flywheel Assy Z3900406
Cummins DCEC Flywheel C3913914 Cummins Flywheel Assy Z3900437
Cummins DCEC Flywheel C3921250 Cummins Flywheel Assy Z3900522
Cummins DCEC Flywheel C3960448 Cummins Flywheel 3165272-20
Cummins DCEC Flywheel C3960755 Cummins Flywheel 3165279-20
Cummins DCEC Flywheel C3960780 Cummins Flywheel 3165294-20
Cummins DCEC Flywheel C3966586 Cummins CCEC Flywheel Assy 3165368-20
Cummins DCEC Flywheel C3966589 Cummins CCEC Flywheel Assy 3165490-20
Cummins Flywheel Assy C3966982 Cummins CCEC Flywheel Assy 3165498-20
Cummins Flywheel Assy C3968132 Cummins CCEC Flywheel Assy 3165502-20
Cummins Flywheel C3968133 Cummins CCEC Flywheel Assy 3165516-20
Cummins Flywheel Assy C3971005 Cummins CCEC Flywheel Assy 3165658-20
Cummins Flywheel Assy C3971969 Cummins CCEC Flywheel Assy 3251188-20
Cummins Flywheel C3973497 Cummins CCEC Flywheel Assy 3251189-20
Cummins Flywheel C3973513 Cummins CCEC Flywheel Assy 3009578-20
Cummins Flywheel Assy C3973746 Cummins CCEC Flywheel Assy 3016183-20
Cummins Flywheel Assy C3975729 Cummins CCEC Flywheel Assy 3021394-20
Cummins Flywheel C3977540 Cummins CCEC Flywheel Assy 3022965-20
Cummins Flywheel C3977541 Cummins CCEC Flywheel Assy 3023255-20
Cummins Flywheel Assy C3979180 Cummins Flywheel Assy 3023494-20
Cummins Flywheel Assy C3979502 Cummins Flywheel Assy 3023510-20
Cummins Flywheel Assy C3999603 Cummins Flywheel Assy 3024105-20
Cummins DCEC Flywheel C4892293 Cummins Flywheel Assy 3027240-20
Cummins DCEC Flywheel C4934518 Cummins Flywheel Assy 3027548-20
Cummins DCEC Flywheel C4936443 Cummins Flywheel Assy 3032685-20
Cummins DCEC Flywheel C4937768 Cummins Flywheel Assy 3090758-20
Cummins DCEC Flywheel C4937922 Cummins Flywheel Assy 3090797-20
Cummins DCEC Flywheel C4937924 Cummins Flywheel Assy 3165270-20
Cummins DCEC Flywheel C4937926 Cummins Flywheel Assy 3165466-20
Cummins DCEC Flywheel C4938781 Cummins Flywheel Assy 3254626-20
Cummins DCEC Flywheel C4939064 Cummins Flywheel Assy 3418546-20
Cummins DCEC Flywheel C4940930 Cummins Flywheel Assy 3655383-20
Cummins DCEC Flywheel C4940931 Cummins Flywheel Assy 3655875-20
Cummins DCEC Flywheel C4944053 Cummins Flywheel Assy 3655901-20
Cummins DCEC Flywheel C4946105 Cummins Flywheel Assy 3899271-20
Cummins Flywheel Assy C4947518 Cummins Flywheel Assy 4060816-20
Cummins Flywheel C4975261 Cummins Flywheel Assy 4913615-20
Cummins Flywheel C4980790 Cummins Flywheel Assy 4913658-20
Cummins Flywheel Assy C4980922 Cummins Flywheel Assy 4913941-20
Cummins Flywheel C4981723 Cummins Flywheel Assy 4913991-20
Cummins Flywheel C4981744 Cummins ISF2.8 Flywheel 5253213F
Cummins Flywheel Assy C4983161 Cummins ISF2.9 Flywheel 5256310F
Cummins Flywheel C4983920 Cummins ISF2.10 Flywheel 5269358F
Cummins Flywheel C4988364 Cummins ISF2.11 Flywheel 5272104F
Cummins Flywheel C4988365 Cummins ISF3.8 Flywheel 4944495F
Cummins Flywheel C4988386 Cummins ISF3.9 Flywheel 4939161F
Cummins Flywheel C4988394 Cummins ISF3.10 Flywheel 5259641F
Cummins Flywheel C4988398 Cummins ISF3.11 Flywheel 3966586F

The above Cummins flywheel engine parts are possible for the ISF2.8/ISF3.8/4BT3.9/6BT5.9/6CT8.3/6LT8.9/ISDe/ISLe/QSB/NT855/KT19/KT38/KT50/ISM11/QSM11 series Cummins engine.

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