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Main bearing engine parts are possible for the ISF2.8/ISF3.8/4BT3.9/6BT5.9/6CT8.3/6LT8.9/ISDe/ISLe/ ISZ/NT855/KT19/KT38/KT50/ISM11/QSM11 series Cummins engine.

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Part Name Part No. Part Name Part No.
4BT Main Bearing 3802010 KT38 Main Bearing Kit 206610
4BT Main Bearing 3802012 KT38 Main Bearing Kit 3000139
Cummins 4BT 4955855 KT38 Main Bearing Kit AR12251
Cummins 4BT 4955857 KT38 Main Bearing Kit 206581
6BT Main Bearing 3802070 Cummins KT38 206591
6BT Main Bearing 3901150 Cummins KT38 206601
6BT Main Bearing 3926230 Cummins KT38 206611
Cummins 6BT 3929016 Cummins KT38 AR12252
Cummins 6BT C3929021 Cummins KT38 206582
Cummins 6BT C3901090 Chongqing Cummins 206592
Cummins 6BT 4955853 Chongqing Cummins 206602
6CT Main Bearing 3800270 Chongqing Cummins 206612
6CT Main Bearing 3802140 Cummins China AR12253
6CT Main Bearing 3802210 Cummins China 206583
6CT Main Bearing 3945917 Cummins China 206593
6LT Main Bearing C3944153 Cummins China 206603
6LT Main Bearing C3944158 Cummins China 206613
ISDe Main Bearing C3929016 Cummins China AR12324
ISDe Main Bearing C3978818 Cummins China 206584
ISDe Main Bearing C3978820 Chongqing Cummins 206594
ISZ Main Bearing C4999661 Chongqing Cummins 206604
ISZ Main Bearing C4975127 Chongqing Cummins 206614
Main Bearing, Cummins NT855 3019174 KT50 Main Bearing Kit 3018210
Main Bearing, Cummins NT855 3019180 KT50 Main Bearing Kit 206580
Main Bearing, Cummins NT855 3019186 KT50 Main Bearing Kit 206590
Main Bearing, Cummins NT855 3019192 KT50 Main Bearing Kit 206600
Main Bearing, Cummins NT855 3019198 KT50 Main Bearing Kit 206610
Main Bearing, Cummins NT855 3019204 KT50 Main Bearing Kit 3018211
Main Bearing, Cummins NT855 3801260 Cummins KT50 206581
Main Bearing, Cummins NT855 3801261 Cummins KT50 206591
Main Bearing, Cummins NT855 3030217 Cummins KT50 206601
KT19 Main Bearing AR12270 Cummins KT50 206611
KT19 Main Bearing 205140 Cummins KT50 3018212
KT19 Main Bearing 205150 Cummins KT50 206582
KT19 Main Bearing 205160 Cummins KT50 206592
KT19 Main Bearing 205170 Cummins China 206602
KT19 Main Bearing 205112 Cummins China 206612
Cummins KT19 AR12271-10 Cummins China 3018213
Cummins KT19 205141 Cummins China 206583
Cummins KT19 205151 Cummins China 206593
Cummins KT19 205161 Cummins China 206603
Cummins KT19 205171 Cummins China 206613
Cummins KT19 AR12272-20 Chongqing Cummins 3018214
Cummins KT19 205142 Chongqing Cummins 206584
Cummins China 205152 Chongqing Cummins 206594
Cummins China 205162 Chongqing Cummins 206604
Cummins China 205172 Chongqing Cummins 206614
Cummins China AR12273-30 ISM/QSM11 Main Bearing 3016770
Cummins China 205143 ISM/QSM11 Main Bearing 3016774
Cummins China 205153 ISM/QSM11 Main Bearing 3016780
Cummins China 205163 ISM/QSM11 Main Bearing 3016784
Cummins China 205173 ISF2.8 Main Bearing 4946030
KT38 Main Bearing Kit AR12250 ISF2.8 Main Bearing 4946031
KT38 Main Bearing Kit 206580 ISF2.8 Main Bearing 4996250
KT38 Main Bearing Kit 206590 ISF3.8 Main Bearing 4948504
KT38 Main Bearing Kit 206600 ISF3.8 Main Bearing 4948505

The above main bearing engine parts are possible for the ISF2.8/ISF3.8/4BT3.9/6BT5.9/6CT8.3/6LT8.9/ISDe/ISLe/ISZ/NT855/KT19/KT38/KT50/ISM11/QSM11 series Cummins engine.

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