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Cummins Power Generation C1000D5 Generator Set

Cummins Power Generation

Model: Cummins C1000D5
Standby Power: 800 KW 1000 KVA
Prime power: 720 KW 900 KVA
Engine: KTA38-G5
Alternator: HCI634J

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Cummins Power Generation C1000D5 Generator Set

C1000D5 main parameters

Unit Type C1000D5
Performance parameters Backup (ESP) Normal load (PRP)
According to ISO 8528
Power (kWe) 850 810
Capacity (KVA) 1062 1012
Fuel consumption rate (H) 209 liters (under normal load and 100% load)
engine model KTA38-G5
Generator model HCI634J
Controller model PC3.3
Manufacturer Cummins Power (China) Co., Ltd.
Special function options · Parallel interface kit · Coolant heater · Coolant level sensor
· Electric ball winding temperature sensor · Electric ball heater · PMG permanent magnet motor

C1000D5 Product Description

Cummins Power (China) Co., Ltd. is Cummins Power’s only generator set manufacturer in China. The products produced adopt Cummins Power’s global unified design, production and testing standards and are manufactured in China. Provide comprehensive quality assurance and provide one-stop service for the main components of the generator set, including the engine, generator and control system.
·Comply with ISO8528-2005 and GB/T2820-2009 “Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engine Driven Alternator Set” standards.
·The design and manufacturing units of the generator sets have passed ISO9001 or ISO9002 certification.
·Cummins provides a 1-year or 1,000 operating hours quality guarantee and is responsible for the entire generator set warranty, including the engine, generator and control system.
·A nationwide professional service network provides customers with 24-hour after-sales service and technical support.

C1000D5 Requirements

Altitude (m) ≤1000 (power correction required if exceeded) Water quality pH value 6.5~8
fuel standards 0# light diesel Relative humidity ≤ 60%
Atmospheric pressure (kPa) ≥89.9 Surface mold growth level GB/T2423.16/Level 2
Engine oil standards Class CF/15W-40 or above Earthquake resistance Horizontal acceleration 0.2g Vertical acceleration 0.1g
Inlet air temperature (℃) ≤40 earthquake relative intensity Chinese standard grade 8
Note: All data in this data sheet are obtained when the engine is running with a fuel pump, water pump, oil pump, air filter and muffler, but does not include the alternator, air compressor, fan, optional equipment and driving parts. All data are based on conditions specified in the SAE J1349 standard – sea 90m (300ft.), atmospheric pressure 100kPa (29.61in.Hg), inlet air temperature 25°C (77°F), water vapor pressure 1.0kPa (0.30in.Hg) ), use standard 2# diesel or diesel that meets ASTM D2. Data are subject to change at any time without notice.

C1000D5 Generator set parameters

Unit type Open frame type (optional: silent type, mobile type) Speed(r/min) 1500
Unit Type C1000D5 Emission Standards Second grade
Standby power (kWe) 850 Frequency(Hz) 50
Normal load power (kWe) 810 Voltage (V) 400
Unit size (mm) 4374x1785x2229 (LWH) circuit breaker switch 1600A 3P 690V, SS RMS, IEC
Unit weight (kg) 8057 Random accessories Industrial muffler, bellows, engine oil, starting battery
Cummins Power is the world’s leading manufacturer in the design and manufacturing of pre-integrated generator sets from 55kVA to 2750kVA. All major components of the unit – engine, alternator, transfer switch and control system – are designed and manufactured by Cummins. We call this integration The Power of OneTM, this production method means that every component of the generator set is designed to work harmoniously with the entire unit from the beginning.

C1000D5 Diesel engine parameters

Diesel engine brand Cummins Cummins Fuel System direct injection
Diesel engine model KTA38-G5 cooling method Closed water cooling cycle
Diesel engine power (kWm) 970 Governor type electric
Number of cylinders/cylinder displacement 12/V type Start mode DC24V electric start
Compression ratio 13.9:1 Air intake method Turbocharging, low temperature intercooling
Bore size × stroke (mm) 159×159 Radiator temperature 40℃
Displacement(L) 37.8 Engine oil temperature (°C) 121
Oil pressure (kPa) 310~ 448 Configuration cast iron,60°,Four-stroke
Oil capacity (L) 135 Speed(r/min) 1500
Engine coolant capacity (L) 124 Idle speed(r/min) 725~775
Water tank coolant capacity (L) 135 Overspeed limit (r/min) 1725±50
The entire series uses Cummins engines as power, with outstanding transient response characteristics, good fuel economy, environmentally friendly emissions, high reliability and long life cycle. With rugged and durable design and reliable electromechanical performance, Cummins products can also be applied to distributed power generation facilities in peaking power plants, peak shaving (or peak shaving) and power management at large commercial or industrial production sites.

C1000D5 Generator parameters

Generator brand Stamford temperature rise 125℃
Generator model HCI634J Power Factor COSΦ=0.8 hysteresis
Type Brushless, single bearing, rotating magnetic field Telephone harmonic coefficient: THF 2%
Excitation system Permanent magnet, automatic voltage adjustment Telephone interference factor: TIF <50
Winding structure 2/3 pitch Wiring Y-type connection
Phase Three-phase four-wire Protection level IP23
Insulation level Class H radio interference Meets the G and N levels of BS800 and VDE
cooling system direct drive centrifugal fan Applicable environment Less than 1km above sea level, 40℃ ambient temperature
fulfill the standard Comply with GB755, BS5000 Part 3, VDE0530, NEMAMG1-22, IEC-34, CSAC22-100 and AS1359
The entire series uses Stanford generators, which have excellent excitation characteristics, allowing the diesel generator set to withstand high-power instantaneous loading, with small voltage fluctuations and rapid recovery. Cummins-manufactured alternators, with their high performance and low impedance, provide excellent voltage waveforms and motor starting performance in applications with high power requirements, such as data centers, hospitals and industrial facilities.

C1000D5 Control system parameters

Controller model PC3.3 panel LCD,LED backlight indication
Type PowerCommanddigital Operation surface facing Device side
language Multiple countries (including Chinese and English) voltage regulation Digital three-phase voltage detection, full-wave rectification
interface PCCNet and Modbus Monitoring and protection Real-time full-process monitoring, can support remote
Power supply 12V and 24DC batteries extensions Extended parallel (peak shaving/base load) distribution capabilities
Switching System (AMF) Load switching operations can be realized in open switching, closed switching, and soft switching (ramp) modes.
Standards compliant Comply with UL, NFPA, ISO, IEC, Mil Std, CE and CSA standards
Power Command®The control system is a microprocessor-based generator set monitoring, metering and control system designed to meet the needs of generator sets powered by Cummins engines. This control system provides a convenient and concise human-machine interface for the generator set, realizing digital voltage regulation, digital speed regulation and engine set protection. All control functions are integrated into a single control system, which has higher performance than traditional generator set control systems. performance and reliability. The control system has been designed and tested taking into account the harsh conditions found in typical generator set applications.

C1000D5 Installation parameters

Minimum ventilation volume (m3/s) 16.5 Minimum computer room area (mm) 6100×4000×3500(LWH)
Combustion air volume (m3/s) 1.21 Air duct length (mm) 500
Minimum air inlet area (m2) 4.5 Height from the ground (mm) ≈700
Minimum discharge area (m2) 3.5 Smoke exhaust pipe height (mm) 3000
Water tank exhaust outlet size (mm) 1702×1575 Cement foundation thickness (mm) >150
Daily fuel tank capacity (L) 1000 Maximum back pressure (kPa) 10
Note: The installation should be adapted to local conditions according to the site conditions. Except for the fixed parameters of the equipment, the installation data in the table are conventional data recommended by Cummins. Please inform the user.
Auxiliary system Distribution system Environmental protection engineering Maintenance consumables Spare parts
● Water jacket heater ● Dual power conversion cabinet ● Particle trap ● Cooling liquid ● Speed control board
● Oil heater ● Parallel cabinet ● Water bath exhaust purifier ● Lubricating oil ● Adjusting pressure plate
● Anti condensation heater ● Grid connected cabinet ● Sound insulation and noise reduction engineering for computer rooms ● Air filter ● Fan belt
● Oil water separator ● Grounding resistance cabinet ● Water cooling engineering ● Oil filter ● Controller
● Daily fuel tank ● DC screen ● Water tank remote installation project ● Diesel filter
● PT cabinet ● Water filter
Generator set model Standby power(KW) Normal load(KW) Engine model Engine power(KW) Generator model Controller Fuel consumption (normal load) L/H
C55D5 44 40 4BTA3.9-G2 55 UCI224D1 PC1.1 129
C80D5 64 58 6BT5.9-G1 92 UCl224F1 PC1.1 163
C90D5 72 65 6BT5.9-G1 92 UCI224G1 PC1.1 182
C100D5 80 73 6BT5.9-G1 92 UCl274C1 PC1.1 20
C110D5 88 80 6BTA5.9-G2 145 UCI27401 PC1.1 27
C150D5B 120 110 6BTAA5.9-G15 160 UCI274E1 PC1.2 32
C175D5B 140 127 6BTAA5.9-G15 160 UCI274F1 PC1.2 38
C200D5 160 145 6CTA8.3-G2 180 UCI274H1 PC1.1 42
C220D5 176 160 6CTAA8.3-G7 203 UCl274H1 PC1.2 45
C250D5 200 182 6CTAA8.3-G9 231 UCDI274J1 PC1.2 51
C275D5B 220 200 6LTAA9.5-G3 280 UCDI274K1 PC1.2 54
C300D5B 240 220 6LTAA9.5-G3 280 S4L1D-D41 PC1.2 58
C330D5B 264 240 6LTAA9,5-G1 320 S4L1D-D41 PC1.2 66
C350D5B 280 256 GLTAA9.5-G1 320 S4L1D-E41 PC1.2 70
C400D5 320 288 QSG12-63 369 S4L1D-F41 PC2.2 72
C450D5 360 328 QSG12-G4 409 S4L1D-G41 PC2.2 82
C400D5EB 320 291 QSZ13-G7 419 SSL1D-C41 PC2.2 80
C450D5EB 360 327 QSZ13-G7 419 S5L1D-C41 PC2.2 89
C500D5 400 364 QSZ13-G5 469 S5L1D-D41 PC2.2 93.2
C550D5 440 400 QSZ13-G10 509 S5L1S-D41 PC2.2 93.1
C550D5E 440 400 QSX15-G8 500 SSL1D-D41 PC2.2 104.2
C640D5 512 466 KTAA19-G6 570 SSL1D-E41 PC1.2 131
C700D5 565 512 VTA28-G5 612 SSL1D-F41 PC1.2 140
C825D5 660 600 VTA28-G6 733 S6L1D-C41 PC1.2 147
C900D5 720 656 OSK23-G3 768 S6L1D-D41 PC3.3 163.8
C1000D5 850 810 KTA38-G5 970 S6L1D-E41 PC3.3 207
C1100D5B 906 823 KTA38-G5 970 S6L1D-F41 PC3.3 209
C1250D5A 1000 900 KTA38-G9 1089 S6L1D-G41 PC3.3 254.4
C1400D5 1120 1000 KTA50-G3 1227 S6L1D-H41 PC3.3 261.2
C1675D5A 1340 1200 KTA50-GS8 1429 S7L1D-D41 PC3.3 308.6
C1875D5E 1500 1360 QSK50-G15 1649 S7L1D-F41 PC3.3 346
C2000D5 1650 1500 QSK60-G3 1790 S7L1D-G41 PC3.3 354
C2000D5EB 1600 1500 QSK50-G16 1758 S7L1D-G41 PC3.3 361
C2250D5 1800 1600 QSK60-G4 1915 S7L1D-H41 PC3.3 389
C2250D5E 1800 1600 QSK50-G17 1972 S7L1D-H41 PC3.3 406
C2500D5A 2000 1800 OSK60-G8 2145 S7L1D-J41 PC3.3 446
C2750D5B 2200 2000 QSK60-G22 2351 LVSI804T1 PC3.3 496.5
C3000D5 2400 2200 QSK78-G21 2613 LVSI804W2 PC3.3 572

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