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With the rapid increasing market requirement of the mobile power station, AUTS power specially designed mobile trailer for our customers. The power range of our mobile trailer covers from 10 kw to 1200 kw.  Auts mobile trailer has the best mobility, adaptability and the quickest power supply, it is suitable for power maintenance,urgent engineering repair, field operations and emergency events such as electrical inconvenience, power shortage.It is widely use for communications industry, power industry, film and television production, municipal engineering and emergency rescue area.
2.The characteristics of mobile trailer
Beautiful appearance, using mobile hook and 180 °and 90 °turntable, making the trailer to turn flexibly and ensuring the safety of driving.
B. The enclosure is equipped with observation windows, you can watch the operation of the unit at a glance. There are doors on both sides for easy operation and maintenance.
C. Outside the enclosure is equipped with an emergency stop button, you can make emergency shutdown in exceptional circumstances.
D. Waterproof, rainproof.
E. Trailer chassis is overall frame structure, it is equipped with Vibration damper.
F. The taillight is equipped with a seven-hole plug series with steering and brake lights (not standard configuration).
The trailer is equipped with a mechanical brake or air brake (not standard configuration), synchronized with the tractor to ensure the safety of driving.
G. In order to ensure the stability of the mobile trailer, we equip with four mechanical or hydraulic support device (not standard configuration).
H. There are ceiling explosion-proof lights, and a desk lamp, for the convenience of the staff operations.
There are two fire extinguisher, to ensure the safety.
I. Silent type is optional,it can reduce the noise to the outdoor environment, the canopy, doors are all comes with double-layer decoration, and equipped with sound-absorbing panels; exhaust pipe with insulation cotton,
J. The minimum noise can be controlled within 75 dB (A).

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