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The container-type power station use the standard container structure box, be built-in diesel generator set, and couple with the complete sets of equipment and accessories.Fo it’s considering the details, perfect and complete facilities, easy operation, convenient and reliable transportation, it was widely used in oil fields, mining, offshore platform, factories, electricity, buildings and so on.

Container power station can be equipped with diesel generator set, exhaust muffler system, fuel tank, automatic lubrication device, control system, parallel machine cabinet, parallel grid cabinet, ATS cabinet, switch cabinet, silence and noise reduction material and other auxiliary devices.

Container power station has excellent frequent lifting ability and rain-proof performance. It is with complete supporting facilities, large space. It easy to use and maintain. The diesel genset is fixed in the container by fastening device, which can adapt to the land transportation, sea transportation and frequent lifting of the power station. Container power station fully consider the use and maintenance of the details of the requirements, with a complete set of accessories. It is equipped with the corresponding supporting parts for the unit refueling, adding water, pollution discharge, observing the oil and water, battery protection and maintenance, oil piping, etc. There are stop button, outlet, ground, drain and so on out of the container. The noise-proof container power station adopts the special technology to make the modular silencer.  The exhaust pipe adopts the special channel, and be coupled with supporting heavy-duty muffler. The internal noise reduction space is large, can achieve the excellent noise reduction effect.

Container power station used in oil file can be equipped with explosion-proof lights, explosion-proof switches, explosion-proof cabinets, workstations, rope hooks or other facilities. It can also install special sled or sledge. The station can meet special environment and frequent lifting, claim requests.

The container power plant used in sea platform can meet the sea high salt spray, high humidity and condensation and other environments. The cabinet is closed structure. The station can be installed electric louvers, and supporting the perfect windbreak hook, anti-wave reinforcement facilities and other measures. It can completely adapted to the harsh environment.

The container power station can be coupled with parallel machine cabinet, parallel grid cabinet, ATS cabinet, switch cabinet and the main equipment automatic conversion equipment etc based on the demands, to realize the multi-machine parallel operation, combined to the grid, automatic conversion and mutual control of the container power station,  and also do linkage control according  the use situation and elated project equipments.

High-power container power station can use container-specific radiator. The size of the container can be the standard container size. The overall size for all the containers delivered by sea meet the standard container size. There is no need to book the special container.

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