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    The installation of silent enclosure will affect the genset air intake, then affect the power of generator., The normal enterprise can control power down about 3%, but some small companies power drop in 10% -20%. And the worse is high temperature shutdown, damage cylinder etc. if the air intake system is not reasonable.

    1.Silent Enclosure design ideas:

    Genset noise source: exhaust noise, mechanical noise, combustion noise, cooling fan and exhaust channel noise, intake noise etc;

    Taking measures of damping and sound insulation to limit the transmission of vibration and noise in order to achieve the goal of low noise work.

    2. The Silent Enclosure Advantages:

    1. Pleasing in appearance and reasonable in structure;
    2. Good sealing: Rain-proof, snow-proof, dust-proof function, can work in harsh environment;
    3. Good security: fully enclosed box, be made of 2mm steel plate;
    4. Ventilation inside enclosure is smooth, the temperature is not too high to ensure genset running with rated power;
    5. Good sound resistance
    6. Good operability
    7. Lifting: To convenience of transportation, there are equipped with four lifting devices at the top of it.

    3.The Silent Generator Set Configuration

    3.1. Outside the enclosure

    The box is a square box, the top is flat, in order to drag the bottom is added with flat steel plate.

    Air intake anti-sand box: the rear of the silent canopy, there are a louvers and sandbox, effectively prevent dust into the box.

    Emergency stop switch: there are a emergency stop swith on the right side of the silent canopy.

    Silent canopy body material is the anti-corrosion cold-rolled steel plate, which with smooth surface, after painting, ensure the long life of the box.

    Exhaust louvers: the front of the box to install air director, greatly reducing the genset exhaust noise and reverse backflow of the dust..

    Canopy doors and windows: is the use of 2mm cold-rolled steel plate, total of six doors and a glass window, effectively prevent dust intrusion.

    3.2 Inside the Silent Enclosure:

    Generator set Installation: The generator set is located in the Inner center of the cabinet.

    Space: spacious internal space, you can store some organic parts and fire fighting equipment and so on.

    Electrical wiring: all electrical wiring in the enclosure are PVC flame-retardant insulated pipe.

    Exhaust pipe: Installed on the top of the silent canopy through a flexible damping cushion cover, and for sound insulation treatment.

    Muffler: The exhaust system of the genset adopts muffler noise reduction structure, which is installed in the outer or inside of the enclosure.

    3.3 Excellent Quality and Performance

    Strictly according to ISO8528 and ISO14001/ISO9001standard organize production.

    Integrated structure, convenient for users to use, installation, more beautiful appearance.

    The genser built-in high-performance damping device, can absorb most of the genset vibration. The damping device can also effectively isolate the impact of external shock to ensure that the genset meet the earthquake requirements.

    The genset fuel consumption and oil consumption is much lower than the Chinese national standard (GB2820).

    Supporting pieces and technical information is complete, easy install, simple and flexible to use.


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