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How to parallel operation ATS with two generating sets

六月 14, 2017

One, what is and the cabinet

When two or more generating units are combined to supply power to the load, or when one or more generating units are combined to supply power to the grid, the generator must be installed and the system can be connected to the system Requirement to make the generator work properly.
Second, more than one generator and machine running requirements, conditions
2, the frequency is equal; 3, the same phase sequence; 4, phase equal; 5, the output characteristics are equal; only to meet the above five basic conditions can be and the machine.
Third, the advantages of generators and machines
1, to improve the reliability of power supply system, continuity. Because the multi-unit parallel into a power grid, the power supply voltage and frequency stability, can withstand the impact of greater load changes.
2, maintenance, maintenance more convenient. Multiple units in parallel use, you can focus on scheduling, distribution of active load and reactive load, can make maintenance, easy maintenance and timely.
3, more economical. Can be based on the size of the load, put the appropriate number of small power units to reduce the high-power unit to bring the operation of small fuel, oil waste.
4, the future expansion of more flexible. Only need to install the power required for power generation and parallel equipment, to be the future companies need to expand the capacity of the grid, and then increase the generating units, and can easily achieve the expansion unit and the machine, so that the initial investment more economic.

Four, and cabinet classification (according to voltage and regulation)
1, low-pressure fixed 2, low-pressure extraction 3, high-pressure fixed 4, high pressure extraction
Fifth, parallel machine program classification (regulation)

1, manual and machine: the use of light or synchronous table instructions, the method is generally used for mechanical speed control of the old diesel generator;

2, semi-automatic and machine: automatic and machine, manual solution, generally used for factory main or standby power supply;

3, automatic and machine: the city power outage, automatically start 2 or more generating units, and after the machine to the load power supply, electricity recovery, automatic solution, the unit automatically shut down, generally used for building spare power;

4, peaking and the machine (automatic and machine): in the automatic and cabinet on the basis of changes in the size of the load, and the cabinet to complete multiple units of automatic input and machine, automatic solution and shutdown logic function

5, three remote machine system: the use of dedicated single-chip system, and the completion of the cabinet and the generator with the PC’s communication connection of the parallel system.

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