The harm of inferior filter

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The harm of inferior filter

五月 24, 2016

A few days ago, a user to reflect their own car running up, no matter how stepped on the accelerator, speed capping also 1800. What is the cause of insufficient oil pressure? AUTS today by case teaching, to lead you to find out.

Fuel pressure insufficient engine speed limit

The first step is to check the Fuel-water separator, the top rubber gasket has been aging, demolition is very inconvenient.


After testing, the car’s filter on the 3 filter has almost been completely blocked state, and poor water separator can not effectively separate diesel and water, so that the diesel has poured out of the milky white, and rich A lot of milk. Almost can not be used again, only to replace the new three filter.

Fuel pump blocked oil shortage

Since the pouring of fuel are milky white, then the fuel  itself, there must be some problems. Maintenance of the master remove the pump, the pump port has been found to be almost a large number of impurities blocked in the normal operation of the car, the pump is almost impossible to ensure the normal engine fuel . Coupled with the previous fuel -water separator, diesel filter filter serious block, the entire oil inside the diesel flow is actually very small. In this case, the engine is only able to start, in order to get more performance is almost impossible.
Maintenance personnel on the pump for a professional clean-up, and replace the genuine diesel filter, the engine speed limit has finally been resolved.

Genuine filter to protect Fuel safety


The use of genuine diesel filter can effectively filter the fine impurities in diesel oil and water to protect the oil pump nozzle, piston rings and other parts from wear and clogging, and filter out diesel iron oxide and other trace elements.

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