Improper operation can cause the cylinder melting roof

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Improper operation can cause the cylinder melting roof

五月 24, 2016

With the progress of science and technology, we diesel engine quality and performance are also rising, but the actual use of the engine will still be the cylinder, piston top melting failure, in the event of such failure, for Kang powder is a serious problem, Delay in transport, and the need to pay high maintenance costs.

Improper operation can cause great damage

Many users in the actual use, there will always be some wrong operation, often the wrong time operation is easy for the engine damage, the following AUTS on one for you to explain several common error operation, the error operation in reality is there of.

Error Action 1: engine full load work suddenly stop

Engine at full load when the engine cylinder instantaneous temperature can reach 1700 degrees Celsius, if at this time if the engine suddenly shut down, the pump stops working there will be the body heat accumulation and the individual cylinder is in the expansion stroke, the cylinder temperature can reach 700 Multi-degree Celsius, the cylinder temperature can not be taken away by the coolant, this time the piston of the cylinder prone to local melting of the situation, this will also occur supercharger bearing burned the case, if the engine starts again into the whole Load, the piston of the cylinder there may be a serious situation of the piston top melting.


In the daily use of the engine should be avoided at full load operation suddenly stop, if the engine failure led to a sudden stop, you can use the starter drag the engine several times (each time the engine does not drag more than 15s), so that the coolant circulating again with Take the heat inside the cylinder to reduce the temperature of the piston in the expansion stroke, to avoid the emergence of the piston melting roof, the engine does not identify the specific reasons not to start the engine again.

Error operation two: the engine for a long time low speed operation

In reality, there are often users idle in the parking for a long time to run the engine, the engine is no load, the entire engine operating temperature is relatively low, the engine lubrication conditions is not very good, oil pressure is not conducive to the formation of oil film, Wear of moving parts. If the piston ring and liner wear is too large, the oil will be channeling into the combustion chamber to participate in combustion, and ultimately lead to diesel engine to take the blue smoke, and the combustion chamber will increase carbon deposition, the engine power shortage situation, the engine load Time, it is prone to pull the cylinder or piston melting roof failure.


It is recommended that you reduce the engine low-speed running time, idling operation not more than ten minutes, after about ten minutes can be stalled to avoid prolonged idle engine operation damage to internal parts, but also reduce unnecessary waste of diesel.

Error operation three: the engine for a long time overload operation

Engine overload operation for a long time, will exacerbate the burden of various components in the cylinder, the engine operating temperature will rise, coupled with poor engine cooling is very prone to engine heat. In this case, the moving parts of the engine gap smaller, coupled with the long-term high-temperature piston and mechanical stress by the dual role, it is prone to piston fatigue ablation caused by the engine cylinder.


Try to avoid overloading the diesel engine for a long time, let the engine at a reasonable load, climbing when not boring car. If the engine in some special conditions overload operation, need to run a few minutes to reduce the speed, used to reduce engine temperature, which will help extend the service life of the engine.

Error operation four: the engine starts immediately after full load operation

In the actual transport, many users like the throttle after the engine starts, or after the vehicle starts to accelerate the full speed. In fact, this approach to the engine damage is very large, mainly because the engine has just run when the temperature is very low, the piston cylinder liner gap is large, low oil temperature does not play the maximum lubrication effect, immediately after the start of the engine Load operation, this time is very prone to cylinder.


Do not start the engine after the boom throttle, and do not immediately enter the full load of work, the correct method of operation is idle after the engine starts running a few minutes, so that the engine has a warm, winter time can be longer, the engine running for some time After exercise, driving for some time gradually increase the engine load.
Through the introduction of Kankan, we can easily find the cause engine cylinder, the piston melting roof of the reasons are often caused due to improper use. If we can in the daily use of the engine correctly, the occurrence of cylinder, the piston will greatly reduce the risk of melting roof. Therefore, Kankan in this prompt you powder, pay attention to their own use, can effectively reduce the engine failure, it is more durable for your work.

For more technical introduction, please pay attention to AUTS

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